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Black Summer Truffle

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Black Summer Truffle (Tuber Aestivum Vittadini)

Availability: May to September
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The easy availability of these truffles makes them the most widely used. Their long picking season ranges from May to September. They are usually found in limestone terrains, in oak woods, and in pine woods. Its surface is woody, with thick black warts and its pulp white to grey with numerous light-colored veins. This truffle is harvested when it reaches its full growth at which it offers a faint scent and delicate taste. The summer truffle is not as fragrant or flavorful as the black winter truffle and therefore is usually gently sauteed with olive oil and/or butter and garlic and used as a sauce or addition to a sauce. It is best used in simple dishes such as eggs, risotto or an unfussy pasta so that its subtle flavor comes through.